personal – back from the D-E-A- D

I’m back from a stroke suffered Thursday afternoon (two days ago?). I’m fully conversant, lost only 25% of my vision, and am fairly close to where I was before it hit me. Well, I could use this now as an excuse to cover my personal goofs (“oh, I’m sorry, did I forget something?” “no problem, Andy, it must be residual loss from your stroke.”)
Thanks to all my friends, coworkers, choir and music ministry cohorts, “fellow cast members of “An Evening in December,” and those countless prayer warriors who put out the word that I was out of commission.

Today (Saturday), I joined the cast of “An Evening in December” on stage for the final three numbers. “When I Call On Jesus, All Things are Possible””Sing Noel.” and our finale.

I celebrated what miracles God has done in my life. I celebrated the friends and coworkers who wrote, called, sent flowers, or prayed for me.

I’ll be back soon, up to my usual “no good.” I promise.

So, tonight before you fall asleep, hug a child a little tighter, and give an extra measure of thanks to God.


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5 thoughts on “personal – back from the D-E-A- D

  1. Andy, I am so glad to hear you are doing well. After hearing of your stroke, it made me realize that I needed to take inventory of my life and to thank God for what he has blessed me with, my children, my friends, and my family. We will keep you in our prayers


  2. AnD,
    Glad to see that you are back in action and so quickly. Wow-what a shock.
    You, your family and medical/support team are in my prayers.


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