A 2-second Grab

2 seconds is all you ge*

In the online message world, your attention is gained or lost in the first two seconds.

Either you stay to read more or you’re gone.

According to a Nielsen Norman report,

“people are throwing away most of your information, and you can’t fight the trend. Craft your email newsletters to sum up your message in [what they call ‘microcontent’:] subject lines, opening lines and headings…”

Apply this to your e-mail messages, your e-zines, your online newsletters, your blog, your ads.

Thanks for staying with me beyond the first two se

One of us was deaf

I was buying a product at an electronics web site. Notice I used the verb “buying,” not “shopping.” I had done my research and was ready to buy.

Working my way through checkout, I came across a page that asked me if I wanted their e-mail newsletter and e-mail product updates. I replied: “NO” to both.

I do not exaggerate when I say their process made me answer that question set three times.

One of us was deaf, and I know my hearing is fine.

If you are in sales, listen to the customer’s answers.

And to answer your question, no, I won’t shop there again. I won't even mention their name or link you to their site.

What’s a Blog?

You ask: “why should I spend time reading a blog named ‘GeeWhiz?'”

I answer:

I am a student of the written word.
My profession: technical communicator. I find out what information my audience needs, then help them find it and turn it into knowledge, so they may use that knowledge to unleash their wisdom.

If this is the information age, we have surely polluted it so with spam, fallacies, drivel, and trivia.

In frustration, we seek out people like me that help cut through the smog.

I aim for accuracy, brevity, and clarity, the abc’s of good communication.