About the blog author: Andy Gee, a visual communications slash technical writer on topics that should be “OBVIOUS”… Optimism, Brevity, Vision, Innovation, Originality, Usability, Simplicity

occupation: technical communicator, intranet content provider, team facilitator

wannabe: speaker, chef, musician, dancergeewhiz_chinese.gif

life mission: “to simplify the complex, serve others, and solve problems creatively ”

passions:  simplicity, minimalism, Christ-like living, altruism, helps, excellence,

favorite quote: “On your tombstone will be two dates with a dash between them. How will you live out that dash?” Ted Smith, senior pastor, First Covenant Church of Sacramento


  • break the rules if it benefits the audience
  • ABCs of information: accuracy, brevity, clarity, design, effectiveness, findability…
  • it’s just a tool, don’t get hung up on it

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