I might have a “communication” in my heart

Doctors want to continue to examine me in a few weeks to look for a “communication in my heart” that might have caused the stroke. What do they mean by a “communication?”

  • Was a newsletter inserted in my anterior aortic wall?communication-heart.gif
  • Perhaps a publication printed in my pulmonary arterial pathway?
  • Is an archived voicemail in my aortic valve?
  • Perhaps a poster printed past my posterior pappillary muscle?
  • Did a trifold slick get stuck in my tricuspid valve?
  • An unread email archived in my aortic arch?

I asked the doctor to define “communication” and she said… a hole. Why didn’t she say that in the first place?

  • “hole” – four letters, one syllable. A hole in my heart I can understand.
  • “communication” – thirteen letters, five syllables. A communication in my heart has quite a different meaning, especially to me, a professional “communication specialist!”

By the way, nothing to worry about. While in the womb, our hearts have these “communications” and as we are born, they close up. Some communications stay around but don’t cause problems. Other communications might be present and relate to conditions such as my stroke. Doctors just need to insert a scope and check it out. No biggie.

…but a “communication?”

Lesson today class: the next time you communicate with a client, customer, classmate (or patient) speak in words that click with them.

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2 thoughts on “I might have a “communication” in my heart

  1. I forgot to follow up on this message about getting tested for a “communication in my heart.” The test results came back negative, so I am good to go, no problems.
    Now if can just get some of this flab to disappear as easily…


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