GTD – getting the inbox to zero

I’ve been successful at getting the Inbox down to zero for the last two weeks. Yes, it fills throughout the day and night with dozens of new messages. But I’m continuing to practice the GTD (Getting Things Done) process of managing the Inbox.

My Next Action lists are growing, as are the Waiting On lists, the Shopping Lists for specific destinations, and the Someday/Maybe lists.

Dina H-S started a GTD users network at work. My commitment is to read through the entire book, cover to cover before the next meeting. It’s going well.

My wife says GTD is the perfect system for me, because I have always been a type A list maker. She shakes her head in disbelief when I finish some item and mark it off my list. What drives her crazy is: if I finish something that’s not on my list…I’ll write it on the list and check it off. (sheesh…list mania.)

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