7 bad habits of overweight people

To my Wellness IQ team “Eye Can Do It” and others who are making personal commitments to overweight.jpg their wellness, I encourage you to examine your own personal habits to see if any of these seven habits have crept into your lifestyle.

Posted on the 24Hour Fitness site is the article, “7 bad habits of overweight people” which contains items such as “they skip meals,” and “they always eat a second portion.”

This week’s challenge: be honest with yourself, find habits on this list that have crept into your life, and make a commitment to eradicate them.

1 thought on “7 bad habits of overweight people

  1. Wow! This article describes me to a tee! I’m so glad I work at a company that encourages healthy behavior modifications! I cannot wait to be able to ride my favorite roller coasters this summer and even a few new ones. At least two years I haven’t been able to ride, so I am ready! That and the baby I want to have!!! When I’m at the gym and don’t want to be, I tell myself to keep the end goal in sight!


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