Happy Birthday, class of 76

Celebrating the 50th birthdays of the close-knit gang from the Kennedy High class of ’76, I was amazed.
First, amazed that so many of the core group could get together from all over California to spend an afternoon together.
Second, amazed that Mr. “A” could make a surprise appearance! And does he look as good as ever!

Third, amazed that Mr. “A” could regale us with such detailed memories of the great 1976 Bi-Centennial trip to Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., New York city, Boston, and other cities I can’t remember. And he remembered so many names, details, and anecdotes!

Fourth, amazed that today proved again how each of us have such a ripple effect on a world beyond our perceived sphere of influence. Mr. A’s ripple in the pool sent many of his “band kids” out to make impacts on families, schools, communities, businesses, churches, and next generations.

I believe you’ll recognize a few faces in this photo album.

Dave, call us to attention.

~GeeWhiz, JFK Cougars, woodwinds, class of ’75

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