Paula on the road

6/27 update: back from a crash just one week to the end, Paula finishes strong and dips her front tire in the Atlantic.

Fellow cycling enthusiast and blogger Paula is blogging from the road.paula

Oh, did I tell you I started cycling to work since May 1 this year? Save a little gas, save a lot of money, get some cardio in before and after work, and do my part to reduce my footprint on this planet’s resources. Oh, my distance is nothing…4 miles roundtrip. And I mean nothing compared to friend Paula who is cycling …across the United States!

She’s also blogging from her phone, providing some daily updates on the weather, scenery, riding conditions, people, road conditions, health, and joy of it all.

So, not only is she kicking my butt on the mileage (I think she averages 100 miles a day), she’s kicking my butt on the blogging frequency (daily compared to my sporadicity).

Check her blog out at Notes from the road.

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