Jingle all the Way: on hiatus for “An Evening in December”

GeeWhiz goes on a one-week hiatus, to focus 100% on my other passion: Broadway musicals. As a cast member of An Evening in December, I’ll be singing, dancing, and “acting” in 7 performances of a Christmas musical that will play before an audience of 7,000.

Lifesavers kids choir

Lifesavers kids choir

This year, the audience will visit the “Christmas House” and be entertained by a cast of 170 singers, dancers, actors, (and scads of unseen, behind-the-scenes crew members who make my nights trouble-free).

GeeWhiz.wordpress might be silent during that time, but read my musings on my other blog, behindthescenes.wordpress.com.
And if you’re a Facebook addict, the cast and crew post daily entries there, including photos.

Opening night was last night, Wednesday, playing to a crowd that was ready for the season, ready to unwind and forget about their workday, ready to get hit by snow.

So, check out my cast member blog: “Behind the Scenes”

Let it snow!

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