Let the Tour of California inspire you

Incredible finishes at the Tour de France often stimulate new bicycle sales.
Olympic medal performances often inspire youth movements into local recreational swimming, gymnastics, and sports programs.
amgen-tourSo, let the Amgen Tour of California inspire you to get out the trusty (or rusty) bicycle. Your spouse or kids will enjoy the outing, your wallet will enjoy the gas bill savings, and your overall health will enjoy the extra stimulation.
Plus, you never know which pro cycling team might pass you on the bike trails.

This week’s wellness QuickTips:

Cut back on caffeine

Side affects of caffeine are well-documented, yet conflicting in their conclusions. But use these tips if you are trying to cut down your caffeine intake.

  • Limit your coffee/soda intake to no more than 2 servings a day.
  • Order smaller size coffee drink.
  • Fill your mug only halfway.
  • Buy mini-size cans of soda.
  • Go decaf!

(source: vsp.com “Healthy Inspirations” week 4)

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