Wellness IQ GetFit Team

Hey gang, another 1612-week session of our GetFIT Wellness IQ program starts in a few weeks, and I’m returning to captain a team for the 12th straight session. This session will be slightly different from past ones: I want to lead a new team of losers. I’m forming a team of “first-timers or failed-returners.” If you’ve never joined a Wellness IQ GetFit team in the past, or have tried a team but failed at your personal goals, this year choose me as your team captain.

I want you to join my team if:

  • you are a first-timer to the Wellness IQ program,
  • you’ve put it off or made excuses in the past,
  • you worry that you might fail at this,
  • you feel you have a ton of issues or obstacles that will prevent you from succeeding.
  • you joined a team, but hit some type of obstacle midway through the 16 weeks and had to bail out.

I’m not creating a team that’s going to win first place in the team competition and take home the cool prizes. Those teams already exist and I applaud them. Please don’t sign up for my team if…

Please don’t sign up to be on my team if:

  • you already know everything about diet and exercise,
  • you’re one of those 50-mile-a-day bicyclists or joggers with the six-pack abs and you look good in spandex,
  • you are currently active in a yoga, dance, or health club class
  • you are already eating sensibly,
  • you are satisfied with your level of physical activity,
  • you’ve already been a team member on one of my past GetFit teams and are looking to join my team again,
  • you already know what to do to be successful.

If you said yes to any of the above, you should be a captain of your own team and you don’t need me.

I’m creating a team that’s going to struggle, fight personal battles, and go against seemingly insurmountable odds.

You have to commit to:

  • write down five major things about your lifestyle you want to change,
  • stay engaged the entire sixteen 12 weeks,
  • promise to weigh yourself and update your wellness report every Monday morning,
  • meet with me one-on-one before signing up
  • meet with me one-on-one at least three times during the session to discuss your personal goals.

My team name is “Eye Can Do It, GeeWhiz!” Call me, then sign up on the Wellness IQ site.

2 thoughts on “Wellness IQ GetFit Team

  1. Thanks for taking me on, Andy! I’m so excited to be a part of your team and hopefully regain my radiant health and well-being. Your coaching today was absolutely spot on and super helpful. I appreciate the commitment you bring to helping others succeed. You’re da bomb!


  2. Nice blog post Andy. You rock. Just so you know we’ve changed the length of the time. It’s only 12 weeks now. Good luck to your team they’re lucky to have such an awesome Team Captain!


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