Why? Because I want to help stop diabetes

For years, I’ve ridden the Tour de Cure, the fund-raising bicycle ride to benefit the American Diabetes Association. I’ve ridden for a coworker’s son, my supervisor, my mentor, my wife’s friend, and others.

But this year, I learned my own brother has been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Now this fight got personal.

Maybe you know someone affected by diabetes. Maybe it’s your family member. Maybe it’s yourself.

I’m riding again to raise awareness. To fight. To Stop Diabetes.

Join my team and ride. Sponsor a rider. Or share our links to raise awareness among your own circle of friends.


3 thoughts on “Why? Because I want to help stop diabetes

  1. When you say pre-diabetic do you mean insulin resistant or type 2 ?..If your brother looked at his diet & exercise regime and drank a pre-biotic , he may be able to help himself ..unless one of his organs are failing then that would be more medical…If you want to stop Diabetes, create awareness to what we eat ! Stop sugar and processed foods …the drug companies don’t want to find a cure because its a billion dollar industry for them!.

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  2. It is all about choosing healthy vs unhealthy foods to control diabetes without taking meds or insulin. I’ve been a “controlled” diabetic for over a decade without having to give up the foods that I love. Once you know how to substitute ingredients, it is a breeze and you never feel deprived. From bread to pasta to desserts, we diabetics can have it all.


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