Followup, my vision blindness one month later

visual_before.gifWithin hours of my stroke, when I mistakenly thought I was just experiencing a vision problem, my optometrist recorded my field of vision at 75% in both eyes. In other words, I had lost about 25% of my vision, equally in both eyes. Here’s an image from just my right eye, the graph showing the approximate 25% blindness in my upper right.

Now, one month after the stroke, here is a second vision test result…

visual_after.gif …an astounding reduction to less than 5% vision loss in my right eye! My left eye shows slightly different results.

How did I capture this graphic?

The visual fields testing device in Doctor Gerard’s office produces a printout, that I scanned, then edited using SnagIt. Did you already read my previous post about the visit?

PattyWa, coworker, calls me the “miracle man.” But I know that any miracle is due to God’s hand in this. Imagine if I had been in my car driving when it hit me. Instead, I was standing beside my car getting ready to drive off.

And days later, I’m on stage, singing praises with the cast of An Evening in December!

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