Memories of my brain attack, part V – tests, tests, more tests

…continued storytelling from part III ‘goofier than usual

While at Kaiser and during my recovery, different doctors and technicians put me through more tests than you need to know about. Here’s a quick list:

  • cat scan
  • MRI
  • pregnancy test (just seeing if anyone’s reading this closely)
  • blood workups
  • heart monitor
  • reaction time
  • memory
  • urine (way too much info?)
  • geometry: calculate the perimeter of figure 1 and show your work (kidding again)

Passed. Passed. Passed. Nothing found. Doctors unable to pin the stroke on anything. They said the cause of my stroke was cryptogenic, meaning “they don’t know the origin.” (cryptic + genesis)

In a way, that’s good news for me. Now, I go on my merry way, taking a daily aspirin to keep the heart happy, and a med to keep my LDL cholesterol in check.

This should be my final post on the retelling of my stroke, hospital stay, and recovery. If you missed the beginning, here’s the first blog post:


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