GeeWhiz – featured blog of the day…uh…minute!

You knew that WordPress displays a “featured blog of the day” on their home page, right? Sunday I logged onto WordPress to discover, to my surprise, the prominent (but fleeting) positioning of my blog as WordPress’ “blog of the day!”

But, was my writer ego to be stroked? No, on two counts:

First, I discovered it late on Sunday, when my faithful readers (all two of them) were probably just coming in from the outdoors, having spent the day soaking up the California sun.

I myself had spent the day at choir rehearsal for Easter celebration, followed by kids’ choir rehearsal for their musical on April 10, followed by a visit to Lisa and Pam at the hospital. (read Luv2dance‘ blog). Typical “day of rest” like many of your Sundays.

Second, how was I to prove it? How about a screen-capture…geewhiz-makes-the-wordpress-home-page04012007.gif
No, my blog readers will probably tell me that it was a coincidence that my blog was featured on…

April Fool’s Day! So, instead of selecting my blog for its riotous writing and unrepenting editing, WordPress ran a clever April Fool’s joke, featuring “your” blog as blog of the day.¬† I fell for the gag.

Oh well. Fame. So fleeting in this wired society.

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