GeeWhiz blog hits 5,000 visitor milestone

before.jpgAll right, which one of you did it? Who among you readers chanced upon my blog at just the right moment and sent my blog count past the 5,000 visitor milestone? Please leave me a comment and I’ll send you a valuable prize, an old-logo company keychain.
From January 2004 to now, the blog has managed to interrupt a few people a day with a few insights on simplicity, writing, design, creativity, blogging and a slew of other categories.

The longest series
Some of you followed my personal stroke survivor series in December 7, 2006, which, when I returned to blog about it on December 10, 2006, accounted for my highest reader stat. That blog entry: “Personal, Back from the Dea d .” tallied the “best day ever” count of 399 visitors.

My all-time favorite creativity blog entry is “Do you run brainstorming sessions like futbol or paintball?” in which a sports-channel-surfing afternoon inspired me to compare a stereotypically bad brainstorming session to a game of futbol, and a succesful session to a game of paintball. (Don’t get me wrong. The former youth soccer coach and fan in me still enjoys the game, but as my mom would have said, “not inside!”)

Most-visited entries
Other top-rated blogs include:

My other blogs
Along the way, I spun off three distinct blogs which allows my writing to focus on unique topics:

  • Behind the Scenes – musings of a cast member in “An Evening in December,” Sacramento’s newest Christmas tradition
  • – Spondylolisthesis, a big word, that temporarily put a dancer off her feet for a while, the condition, the surgery, the recovery.
  • Men of God – a private, invitation-only blog for men in my worship ministries at First Cov, where we lift each other up, share our struggles, and hold ourselves accountable.

So somewhen today, hit a milestone.
Thanks for spending a moment with me. May God continue to inspire me to blog well.

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