Wheels, Heels, and Eels at Eppie’s Great Race

2,000 athletes hit the American River Parkway Saturday for the 35th Annual Eppie’s Great Race, including more than two dozen of our own athletes. tattoos
As a volunteer on the course, my job was photojournalist for our team. I’ll be uploading photos as I get them. For now, bookmark my 2008GreatRace photo site.

For you Wellness iQ team members, notice not one flabby gut among these athletes? Inspiring? You bet! In their day job here, they are VPs, directors, managers, analysts, programmers, trainers, claims adjusters, lab finishers, and the like. But in their spare time, they spent hours training for this day, when they ran 5.82 miles, biked 12.5 miles, and paddled kayaks 6.35 miles.

If these ordinary folks can make this commitment, what’s keeping you from setting your own personal activity goal?


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