Wellness iQ – 7 questions to ask when setting goals

Wellness iQ, our corporate wellness initiative, encourages employees to join teams to increase activity, improve eating habits, and raise awareness of the direct relationship between wellness and employee success.
Our 9th session just started, and to kick it off, my goal-setting questions to all team members are simple:

  • Why am I participating?
  • What rewards do I envision if I am successful?
  • What is at risk if I do not take action?
  • What kind of physical activity goals will I set?
  • What kind of healthy eating habit or nutritional goals will I set?
  • How will I know I’ve reached my goals?
  • What two things will help me stick to my goals?

That’s your assignment.

There’s a clichĂ© that says: “You can only get out of this what you put into it.” So, the more time you spend on this early planning, the longer lasting will be your results.

GeeWhiz has been a Wellness iQ team captain for all 9 of the sessions, having helped more than 70 employees work toward achieving their personal wellness goals.

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