100 tips to rise above the noise on Twitter

Friends who aren’t on Twitter often ask me how to get beyond their “get started” phase. Other friends tell me of the frustrations with Twitter that drove them away. Still others remind me that their busy lives don’t allow them to engage with Twitter as often as they’d like.
To all of these friends, I may have found an answer. Read this helpful list of “100 Tips to Be a Smarter, Better Twitterer” by computer-colleges.com (tagline: “a guide to user-friendly technology schools in the U.S. and Canada”).

The list of 100 tips are chunked into several categories:

  • For Beginners (21 tips)
  • Finding Friends (12)
  • Keeping Followers and Tweeting (9)
  • Developing Relationships (12)
  • Getting Value (11)
  • Snafus (13)
  • For Business (12)
  • Beyond Twitter

NOTE: each of the 100 tips link out to other posts on other sites.

Just some of my favorite tips:

  • 2. Include a picture – Your face differentiates you from the dozens of scammers and spammers who try to follow me.
  • 3. Create a short Twitter name – Make it easy for followers to remember you. Short names and short tweets save space for others to retweet you.
  • 10. Learn the lingo – Find out what it means to DM, @, and RT.
  • 32. Be Funny and Interesting, and 83. Be personal – to give your followers reason to keep following you.
  • 58. Keep your tweets short enough to retweet – For others to retweet you, the process adds your Twitter name plus 4 characters to the tweet. So, keep your tweets way below the 140-character limit.
  • 70. Don’t share everything – Twitip’s “Eight surefire ways to tick off the Twitterverse.”
  • 77. Don’t make it a following contest – Mashable’s “Top 10 Reasons I Will Not Follow You in Return on Twitter”
  • 79. Don’t always push your agenda – Stating your opinion or passion is good. Constantly overstating it simply drives away your followers who will unfollow you.
  • 92. Use a Twitter client – 3rd party interfaces such as Seismic Desktop enhance the experience. I happen to have chosen TweetDeck.
  • 98. Share your Twitter ID – publicize your stream, for example: Follow geewhizkid on Twitter.

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