What tech can’t you live without?

Quick. What’s the one technology you can’t live without? Not a day goes by without you using it.

Is it your laptop or desktop computer? HD TV? cell phone? digital camera? GPS device? satellite radio? hand-held game? eBook reader? personal health monitor? universal language translator? transporter? (Oh-ooops, not supposed to tell anyone about that one yet.)

I can honestly answer, all of the above. Well, just one device has all of the above. It’s my mobile phone, as known as a cellular phone. It’s also the one device that does all of the above.

My phone is more than just a phone, with its directory of all my friends and family. It’s my business contact manager. It’s my universal communicator with its text, voice, and file attachment capabilities. And, it’s my instant link to my social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, tumblr).

my iPhone icons

My phone is also my source of spiritual strength. No, I don’t worship my phone. I have YouVersion, my online Bible, with all its translations, daily reading plans, and bookmarks. I’m given daily pop-up reminders of the next chapters and verses to read to stay up with my goal (to read the entire Bible in one year).

My phone is my satellite radio, thanks to Pandora radio, iTunes, and other online music sources.

My phone is also my eBook reader, storing podcasts, eBooks and Web pages to read later.

My phone is also my backup digital camera. On the very rare occasion that I’m not packing my DSLR with lenses and speedlite in its slingbag, I’m still able to capture that visual moment, that image, that memory.

My phone is also my GPS, with maps, satellite view or street view, address finder, and driving directions. (“Honey, I don’t need to stop for directions. Trust me.”)

My phone is also my personal health monitor, thanks to apps like LoseIt, which store my food and exercise log and show me if I’m practicing good daily wellness habits that will lead to my goals. (I voluntarily show my results to my personal fitness trainer, who has helped me change a few bad eating habits.)

My phone is also my hand-held gaming device, thanks to iTunes’ app store and its access to downloadable games. “Words with Friends,” anyone?

My phone is also my universal translator, thanks to Word Lens. Spanish to English and back again.

My phone is also my transporter device. Scotty. Energize.

2 thoughts on “What tech can’t you live without?

  1. Saw this prompt from WordPress and thought it a difficult one to answer. I love my tech stuff. Top of the List: My cellphone, My MacBook, My Digital Camera….


  2. You know, my “Smart Phone” was the first thing that came to mind when answering this question. I do feel lost without it!
    But then I think, am I just spoiled? If I turned the thing off for a week, I would probably get by (though) I might suffer some withdrawal.
    Maybe the tech I can’t live without is a little more basic – like electricty. The fuel for everything else. I think I would have more dire problems if I couldn’t turn the lights on, or keep the food in my fridge cold.
    Food for thought I guess.
    Nice Post!


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