Who is our mystery guest?

Let me tell you about someone I know and love. The following words don’t exist in the dictionary but should.

VITALENTED – He equips his toolbox full of life, thrives in planning for the journey and the destination, and is exceedingly gifted in helping others live out their potential.

INSIGHTFULOPTIMISTIC – From his vantage point (often from the back of the pack), he can see opportunities that not everyone else can, and is always striving to help others see the finish line, or at least the next pit stop.

NUANCICAL – Where others are focused on one obvious flavor, he can taste and smell and add that missing essence or nuance that makes the dish perfect. I don’t mean in just his cooking, but in everyday life.

CELEBSTATISH – He is my most famous(-ish) sibling, known the world over by celebrity pros over many decades of serving those celebrities behind the scenes, always making them look (and perform) better.

EMPATHFUL – He quietly knows when others are running dry and always encourages us to hydrate often. To him, always the “teacup is full” so he knows to have us drink up so he can pour in more.


Figured him out yet? Look again.






If you love acrostics you now know I’m talking about Vince Gee.

Professional Mechanic, Husband, Cyclist, Old Man stripes & bars, Unior @wheelsmfg ambassador…. Prostate Cancer survivor

and my bruh

Happy Birthday, 5Cent!

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