Mind your Maps (or is it: Map your Mind?)

What is the first application open on your PC? Mine is not one of the usual suspects (Infernal Exploder, MS Weird, LookOut, Exile, PowerPointless).

It’s MindManager by Mindjet. I mind map everything. My work demands that I brainstorm, analyze, organize, re-arrange, outline, categorize, or present information. MindManager does all of that.

With this tool I can:

  • capture thoughts in any order
  • add/delete/change ideas
  • shuffle them around
  • categorize and label them
  • show their relationships to each other
  • add visual icons, color, borders, and hyperlinks
  • present the information to others

Here’s a mindmap about me…


1 thought on “Mind your Maps (or is it: Map your Mind?)

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