Presenting to Persuade – top five strategies of pros

When presenting information to persuade, how many of the 14 core practices used by persuasive speakers do you use? As blogged in FastCompany:

"Josh Gordon, author, has identified 14 core practices used by persuasive speakers in conference and meeting settings. Additional research shows that the top five practices are used by only half of business leaders surveyed.

The top five persuasive strategies:

  • Sharing facts: 73.5%
  • Offering a solution: 62.1%
  • Sharing a new idea: 52.8%
  • Telling a story: 51.6%
  • Changing a perception: 50.9%

The remaining practices include humor, creating excitement, audience involvement, building trust, inspiration, building a financial case, creating an emotional appeal, getting competitive, and overcoming hostility."

Buy the book.

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