You Know You’re a Technical Communicator when…

Questions posted on a whiteboard in a high traffic area at work intentionally stimulate discussion and whiteboard posting from passing coworkers.

Recently, the whiteboard displayed the following statement:

You know you’re a technical communicator when…

Check out these technical writer responses:

  • your first question is “WIIFM?” (your audience wants you to give them the scent of: “what’s in it for me?”)
  • you try not to edit someone’s work, unsolicited
  • you avoid using red ink when proofreading someone’s work
  • you mindmap conversations
  • you always have a main point, surrounded by 7 +/- 2 sub-points
  • rather than bash Micro$oft Weird as your coworkers do, you’ve mastered and tamed it to create monster user documentation
  • like this post, everything you write scores below 8.5 on the Flesch-Kincaid scale

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