Getting Things Done (GTD – part 1)

On the best sellers list for two years, David Allen’s “Getting Things Done-The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” goes beyond typical self-help books on time management and priorities.

I picked up the book recently, in hopes of fixing some major symptoms in my life of unproductivity:

  • a bulging e-mail inbox, averagng more than 300 messages at any time, many containing various action items for me
  • a growing trend toward missing deadlines on some projects, small and big
  • an overwhelming sense of overload, wasting several minutes (and hours) at work, staring at blank screens, unable to write due to a sense of too many things calling my attention
  • a growing avalanche of paper file folders, papers, printouts, and clutter spreading across the desk, threatening to raise the attention of the fire marshall

I have not been disappointed by the book and its evidence in my life:

  • my e-mail inboxes (both at work and at home) average less than ten messages at any time, and at least once a week, get down to zero.
  • a sense of relief, as now I can focus on the next action, one at a time
  • a clean desk, files out of sight, clutter in the trash, the desktop recently cleaned with the scent of orange (ah, California orange groves…)

Coolest thing to come out of my journey through “Getting Things Done?”

I have the coolest hipster PAD (not a PDA, a PAD).

3 thoughts on “Getting Things Done (GTD – part 1)

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  2. Hi Andy – Curious about the book and the book group. Do you have any members that are not faithful list makers? Are they feeling good about it as well?


  3. Pam, good to hear from you! The GTD book group now meets regularly to network, share stories, ask for tips, and guide each other through the “Getting Things Done” methods.
    As expected, we’re all at different levels of adoption, and although some do struggle with the new habits, most do realize the benefits of having the “mind like water” zen that comes from having everything in a trusted system so we can free our mind for the important thinking that we all need to do.


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