5 ways to reduce PowerPoint overload

Bored by 50-slide presentations that drone on, bullet by bullet, slide by slide? Having a hard time keeping audience interest in your point. Then start practicing these five research-based techniques for reducing PowerPoint overload:

1. Write a clear headline that explains main idea of each slide (“Three reasons we achieved 105% of our goal”).

2. Break up story into digestible bites in slide sorter view.

3. Reduce visual load: move all text offscreen, and narrate.

4. Use visuals instead of words alone.

5. Remove every element that does not support main idea.

Check it out in the pdf “5 ways to reduce PowerPoint overload” by Cliff Atkinson and Richard E. Mayer from sociablemedia.com.

Based on the techniques, from a gargantuan 48-slide sales presentation, I created ONE slide, with a powerful graphic image that resolves to a high-impact image. whyEHM_tiny.gif Proprietary business strategy and other sensible rules prevent me from displaying it here.

E-mail me and ask for the “WhyEHM.ppt” file.

I guarantee you’ll say “wow!”

4 thoughts on “5 ways to reduce PowerPoint overload

  1. I teach in teacher education – hard to get teachers out of the habit of cramming stuff into ppts. I’m very curious about WhyEHM.ppt. Please send.


  2. Hi, my job is to ‘re-format’ Word files and an occasional PPT my colleagues produce. It’s incredible what people dare to present as a final product. They really expect me only to spell check and print…. But I often can’t resist to completely re-work the slides. Sometimes I loose the discussion about the amount of information one should present in one slide (font size 9 and fill it is the common rule), it would be educational to show your “WhyEHM.ppt” file.
    The Netherlands


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