Monkey Commando, flying monkeys, the Pentagon


I hung out with the Monkey Commando this weekend.

The Monkey Commando has targeted more than 25,000 men and women now serving in the military to receive
a Bible with signed messages of encouragement and safety from those of us back here on American soil.

This weekend, I had the opportunity to add my own personal letter to an unnamed and unknown soldier, writing it in the inside of a new Bible, in the Monkey Commando’s quest to put Operation Worship into action for our troops putting their lives on on the line every day in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jeff Hilliard, Monkey Commando, shared some exciting news about Christian music concerts already in the works for the Pentagon.

(Side note: You’ve got to see this monkey cannon. Picture the scene in “Men in Black” when Will Smith gets the tiny cricket pistol, but Tommy Lee Jones gets this 4-foot long, chrome, shoulder-slung “Series 4 De-Atomizer” laser cannon. Now picture that laser cannon, its 4-inch barrel stuffed with a monkey (stuffed of course) blasting it several hundred feet out to the waiting arms of screaming kids (and screaming adults) at these concerts…or at the Pentagon. I kid you not. That’s the Monkey Commando at work.)

God Bless our men and women serving our country. May they come home safely to their families.

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