Good PowerPoint design

Instead of just “rebranding” our new employee orientation slides, a team is giving them an extreme makeover. I’m excited to report that the team is saying “no more boring bullet point slides!”
I’m jazzed that we’re considering overall presentation flow, identifying key takeaway messages, reminding ourselves of the mental perspective of a new employee, and connecting that audience regardless of their division or department.
For starters, check out Presentation Zen’s summary of “A Whole New Mind” or as Garr titles his blog entry “From Design to Meaning – A Whole New Way of Presenting.”

Then, if you’re at the design phase, read “What is Good PowerPoint Design?”

Be sure to check out each of the right side lnks including the Lessig Method” “Godin Method” “Kawasaki Method” and others.

I encourage anyone doing a “PowerPoint” presentation to start by …closing PowerPoint, turning away from the PC, grabbing a large sheet of paper or whiteboard and just brainstorming.

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