Beyond Crayons

To take mind mapping beyond personal use and integrate it into business, collaboration, and project productivity, see Beyond Crayons by Nick Duffill. Man, he’s taken mindmapping with MindManager to some interestingly advanced levels.

I have some success stories, but he’s really on the ball. Read his two part series “Putting an edge on your maps.”


Most information is not linearly related. 

Now check out LivePlasma‘s visual search engine, cleverly connecting music, artists, and movies in visual relationships.

Suppose you enjoy Darlene Zschech, Hillsongs. What other artists might you connect with?

…another example of non-linear thinking.


Learn from the “most creative man in the world”

An interview with Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu, holder of 2,300 patents
from Creativity at Work
reveals his path toward creativity.

From memorization to free-association, from thought regimentation to freedom, Dr. Nakamatsu explains early learning through creativity. He then takes us through the three-step process of creativity.

Learn what “ikispiration” is and how he reaches that point.