Facebook addiction – 25 Random Things About Me

While I went away to exert all my energy to “An Evening in December,” I discovered Facebook addiction.

fbookFacebook helped some of our cast members form an online community where we posted photos, lists, and discussions. One of our cast members, a foreign exchange student, returned to her country, but remains connected to her host family and friends by Facebook. In addition, Facebook has helped me reconnect with former team members and long-lost friends from the past. During the Presidential Inauguration ceremonies, Facebook’s server activity was incredible as eye-witnesses recorded their thoughts during that moment of “where were you when…?”

Of course, there are countless diversions in Facebook: applications and cute things to send to friends to let them know how much you care, causes you can support, groups you can join. Like anything, if you’re not careful and manage your time, you can waste hours on Facebook.

But the killer networking features of Facebook allow you to participate in informative applications that continue to connect your community of friends. For example, I chose to participate in writing “25 Random Things About Me.” My friends then discover facts, trivia, and thoughts about me, and Facebook makes it easy to encourage others to write theirs.

If you’re my Facebook friend, you’ve already seen this. If you’re not on Facebook, here again are…

25 Random Things About Me

1. I do little things to annoy my kids, intentionally. Hey, it’s only fair!

2. I still wonder how my mom and dad raised a huge family before the days of a Costco/Price Club/Sam’s Club/big box store.

3. I played clarinet from 4th grade through high school.

4. Once. At band camp. When I was still a skinny, nerdy freshman, I won a drill-down against the 120-member JFK Cougar marching band.

5. I have seen every episode of the original Star Trek, and can recite the most esoteric lines: “brain and brain, what is brain?” but I can’t remember what my wife asked me to do an hour ago.

6. I can recite pi to 17 decimal places, but my wife won’t let me touch the checkbook. She’s right.
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