WellnessIQ – GetFit and the SuperBowl

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the SuperBowl and its traditional parties.raider.jpg

But alcohol with its calories, high calories in snacks, snacks while distracted by TV, TV ads that stimulate hunger, hunger slaked by alcohol …the vicious cycle can go on for four quarters. Remember weigh-in is Monday.

Action item: Just for fun, if you are at a SuperBowl party this weekend, actually write down what you snack on, and how much.

Let that information stare back at you.

I’m going for a walk mid-day on Sunday. Care to join me?

Winter weather forecast

Weather forecast as I write this: “it’s cold out there…”

“How cold is it?”

“It’s so cold, hell froze over.”

Well, if you ask my born again brother-in-law Bill about hell freezing over, he and I and other witnesses can attest to that miracle happening. Coming up in March, a super thing happens. Bill gets fully immersed as a symbol of his faith in the One that changed his life.


You Know You’re a Technical Communicator when…

Questions posted on a whiteboard in a high traffic area at work intentionally stimulate discussion and whiteboard posting from passing coworkers.

Recently, the whiteboard displayed the following statement:

You know you’re a technical communicator when…

Check out these technical writer responses: Continue reading

Error message generator


Tired of error messages that don't make sense?

Then create your own at atomsmashers error message gallery.

View messages that other people created. Then, create your own.

The fifth sentence

Another interesting meme…

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

My entry is from "All Dressed Down and Nowhere To Go," a Dilbert compilation.

"Please leave."

Dilbert is caught in an endless conversation in a meeting from h3ll. That sentence is in his thought bubble, wishing that he could say out loud: "We're done. Please leave."

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