Wiki while you work

What’s a wiki?
Our intranet pagemasters participated in a lively discussion surrounding the use of wikis for collaborative workspaces.

  • Cynthia Q, my crime partner in our portal group, first layed out the wiki landscape for me several months ago, demo’ing its features and showing me how editing permissions work.
  • Just the other day, TaeAnn, my bud in the Customer Care division, wowed the pageMasters with a demo of how four (five?) teams in her division have run with the wikis, using it for team solutions, info sharing, decision-making, reference and resource noting, etc.
  • Information Technology has a dozen pockets of techies, project managers, and other early adopters using wikis for instantly-accessible repositories of constantly shifting team info, code snippets, system notes, trouble-shooting tips, and shift-coverage historical reference.

I’ve been waiting for more than a few months until the right topic and collaborative space idea appeared. Finally, today, I played with the wiki and here’s why.
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It’s that time of year: “An Evening in December”

GeeWhiz blog goes on a two-week hiatus, as I focus 100% on my other passion: Broadway musicals. My keyboard and mouse will temporarily become tools for musings on my other blog,

The two-week performance run will draw an audience of 10,000 to hear the sights and sounds of Christmas. Set in a small town in Washington, celebrating Christmas with its annual Dickensburg festival, the plot reveals news reporter Bill Fountaine from the big city arriving to do a feature story on the festival. Big city reporter meets Katie, a child performer in the festival.

So, check out my cast member blog: “Behind the Scenes”

This is Andy Gee, signing off. Now back to you in the anchor room.

GeeWhiz blog hits 5,000 visitor milestone

before.jpgAll right, which one of you did it? Who among you readers chanced upon my blog at just the right moment and sent my blog count past the 5,000 visitor milestone? Please leave me a comment and I’ll send you a valuable prize, an old-logo company keychain.
From January 2004 to now, the blog has managed to interrupt a few people a day with a few insights on simplicity, writing, design, creativity, blogging and a slew of other categories.
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Time to pick up my pace in the blogging race

If my regular readers (all two of them) have wondered why my blogging pace slowed down, I have a few reasons. Most of it stems from my perfectionism, which is a blessing and a curse.

GTD – getting the inbox to zero

I’ve been successful at getting the Inbox down to zero for the last two weeks. Yes, it fills throughout the day and night with dozens of new messages. But I’m continuing to practice the GTD (Getting Things Done) process of managing the Inbox.

My Next Action lists are growing, as are the Waiting On lists, the Shopping Lists for specific destinations, and the Someday/Maybe lists.

Dina H-S started a GTD users network at work. My commitment is to read through the entire book, cover to cover before the next meeting. It’s going well.

My wife says GTD is the perfect system for me, because (continued)

Virginia Tech Citizen Journalism

As a professional communicator, I studied Monday’s Virginia Tech tragedy from several levels. More than any other news event, I noticed how it was broadcast off-network, on nontraditional channels, evidence of our new age of social networking. Students, faculty, parents, and alumni used Facebook, blogs, and digital repositories to post updates reporting that they were all right. Eyewitnesses used camera-phones to report from inside.

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GeeWhiz – featured blog of the day…uh…minute!

You knew that WordPress displays a “featured blog of the day” on their home page, right? Sunday I logged onto WordPress to discover, to my surprise, the prominent (but fleeting) positioning of my blog as WordPress’ “blog of the day!”

But, was my writer ego to be stroked? No, on two counts:
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started a new blog, a completely different kind of writing project, will open a new audience to blogging. My daughter just came out of back surgery and is recovering.

Those who know her will attest to her high-achieving, constantly over-scheduled, socially-attuned personality. This surgery has temporarily put her on her back.

Follow the story, the background, the surgery, and the post-operative recovery at