I’m using Jott a lot

“I’m using Jott to transcribe this. I’m calling Jott from my cellphone. It’s going to automatically create a WordPress log entry. Isn’t this cool? Stay tuned for more details. listen

Powered by Jott
Now that Jott has automatically created this blog entry from my cellphone, I’m here to post a followup explaining what just happened and why I recommend Jott.
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Simplicity – according to Eric Burke

From Eric Burke’s Stuff that Happens blog, his graphic “Simplicity” blog entry speaks for itself.

Funny, yet maddenly true.
This is not knocking enterprise-specific apps designed for data-intensive entry. It’s to point out there are SOME usability guidelines designers often overlook for the sake of getting in every last system requirement or user requested feature.
But before those of you in Information Technology division start to get hot under the collar, remember this is just a comic strip, meant to be funny.

Andy, whose life mission is “to simplify the complex, serve others, and sing of creative problem solving.”

Simplify your desk surface

enuff-monitorsWho says you should have just one monitor with your computer? On my desk, my productivity dramatically improved when my tech support showed me that my laptop screen AND my desktop monitor could both function together as two separate monitors displaying different “halves” of my desktop.

So, if one is standard, and two is a productivity improvement, is it possible to have TOO MANY monitors?

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All they want is your phone number

This is how to drive your user or customer away from your site. I was eagerly filling out an online form one day, when I suddenly came to a screeching halt at the phone number.
Check it out and see if you can spot what’s wrong with this.
phone number format
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Good PowerPoint design

Instead of just “rebranding” our new employee orientation slides, a team is giving them an extreme makeover. I’m excited to report that the team is saying “no more boring bullet point slides!”
I’m jazzed that we’re considering overall presentation flow, identifying key takeaway messages, reminding ourselves of the mental perspective of a new employee, and connecting that audience regardless of their division or department.
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Web site annoyances and the state code

You’re about to complete your online transaction. All you need is to enter a two-digit state code in a field. 1-2-done!

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VSP = ?

Finish this phrase: vsp-closetmaid

VSP is a fun, interactive way to design your perfect…

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